#MoveOn — “Heil Trump”

Dear MoveOn member,

Last weekend, hundreds of white supremacists energized by Donald Trump’s victory gathered in Washington, D.C.

The hate they spewed was almost unimaginable.

The keynote speaker questioned whether Jews are human and lamented that America is no longer a “white country,” while members of the audience gave the Nazi salute.1

They called for a 50-year moratorium on “non-European immigration.”2 They called Islam a “disease.”3 And they chanted “heil Trump.”4

These are the people that Trump has brought out of the shadows.

We must double-down on our work toward an inclusive America and not allow such hateful views to gain any more steam.

Can you chip in $5 a month to ensure that we have the ongoing resources we’ll need to do this vital work?

Yes, I’ll chip in monthly.

No, I’m sorry, I can’t make a monthly donation.

I’ll be honest—right at this moment, we’re not ready for what’s coming at us.

But we’re hard at work—and we’ll keep working day and night between now through Inauguration Day and beyond to build the grassroots campaign organization we’ll need.

Already, we’re putting plans into place to:

  • Organize and support peaceful community actions across the country to bring people together and show Trump that we will not back down from resisting his toxic agenda.
  • Stand with and defend our communities who will be hit hardest by a Trump administration, including Muslims, immigrants, women, Latinos, Black folks, and LGBTQ Americans.
  • Organize in the key states and districts where we’ll need lawmakers to stand with us against Trump’s appointments and agenda.
  • Expose Trump’s corruption. Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, but he’s already using his new status to enrich himself and his family—at the expense of the American people.

A Trump presidency and unified GOP control of Congress may be the greatest threats we have ever faced. Will you chip in $5 a month to make sure that we have the resources we need to stand up to hate over the next four years?

Yes, I’ll chip in monthly.

No, I’m sorry, I can’t make a monthly donation.

Thanks for all you do.

–Jo, Ben W., Hannah, Milan, and the rest of the team


1. “Alt-right leader: ‘Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!'” CNN, November 22, 2016

“Alt-Right Exults in Donald Trump’s Election With a Salute: ‘Heil Victory’,” The New York Times, November 20, 2016

2. “White Supremacists Celebrate Trump’s Election, Call for Ban on ‘Non-European’ Immigration,” The Intercept, November 21, 2016

3. Ibid.

4. “Transcript: CNN Tonight,” CNN, November 21, 2016

Want to support our work? The MoveOn community will work every moment, day by day and year by year, to resist Trump’s agenda, contain the damage, defeat hate with love, and begin the process of swinging the nation’s pendulum back toward sanity, decency, and the kind of future that we must never give up on. And to do it we need your ongoing support, now more than ever. Will you stand with us?

Yes, I’ll chip $5 a month.

No, I’m sorry, I can’t make a monthly donation.


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