#Monocle –” Monocle is a global briefing covering international af… “+ ‘ Luxury Aficionados ‘: Nos Blogs et Nos Sources —#Bestof

SOURCES: Newspapers, Magazines, Media, Websites et al.

( This is Our New List of Media, updated Fall/Winter 2012-2013)

Nous ajoutons:  ”Monocle ” 🙂 


Monocle is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design.


Hajime Asaoka: Couturier of Time

Deep in the heart of Tokyo, a legend arises. Enchanting in presence, otherworldly in design, yet an organ of calibration living, breathing and bleeding the dimensions of the human imagination.

Perhaps the reason why this rare paragon of Horology exists relates to the fact that we cannot find it in Switzerland, France or Germany, and its curator is a man of few words and humble spirits. Hajime Asaoka reportedly spends his day arriving to his workshop in his home basement downstairs around 3pm, and agilely gives birth to some of the most enviable watches the world has ever seen. Hajime may stop working anytime between midnight to 7am, a sedulous methodology that the Japanese are infamous and admired by many for.




GG, le magazine « Art de vivre » qui fait rêver !

GG – les initiales de Global Guide – est un magazine trimestriel high-level axé sur un art de vivre hors du commun, des architectures extraordinaires et des designs très attractifs.



1ére Liste alphabétique                                             

  1. Aftenpost
  2. Aftenbladt
  3. Asia Times Online   
  4. Ateliers D’Arts                                                                                        
  5.  BBC News Online
  6. Blablablah –The end   
  7. Courrier Picard          
  8. Courrier International         
  9. Democracy Now
  10. Discover
  11. Dz-Rider  
  12. Les Echos  
  13. Elaph
  14. L’equipe
  15. Expert          
  16. Le Figaro/Madame et al.                            
  17. Le Flambeau   
  18.  Fokus 
  19. The Good Life                                                     
  20. The Guardian
  21. Ha’Aetz     
  22. Happy Life (by Club Med)                                                  
  23. Il fatto Quotidiano   
  24. Info Ouvrières      
  25. InRockuptibles                                           
  26. International Herald Tribune
  27. Intranews
  28. Le Journal des Arts
  29. Journal du textile
  30. Liberation  
  31. Lire                                                          
  32. Livres Hebdo   
  33. La Marseillaise 
  34. Métiers d’Arts                                           
  35. Milennio Semanal
  36. Monocle
  37.  New York Times
  38. Officiel                                                           
  39. L’Oeil
  40. Ouest france   
  41. Polka                                                
  42. P W                                                  
  43. Rappels,Le Mag des Théatres
  44. Shoes Up!  
  45. Sciences Humaines                                                   
  46. The Star                                                                                               
  47. Standard                                                        
  48. Tempo 
  49. Le Temps     
  50. Terraeco        
  51. To Ethnos      
  52. Visao                                                                             
  53. La Voix de Nord
  54. Vogue
  55. Textile Network
  56. Rolling Stone
  57. Rock & Folk
  58. Science et Vie
  59. Sens et finances, Le journal des nouveaux philanthropes
  60. Studio live
  61. La tribune
  62. VG
  63. La Voz del Intieerior
  64. WSJ
  65. Zdorobije = здоровье
  66. Luxury Aficionados


As is normal, we think:

our sources should be well advertised and sometimes … well, not for Libé, NyT, Democracy Now! maybe — they are quoted on a daily basis;

but, it is very possible that some sources be overlooked, forgotten. We have a couple of Blogs based solely on info, Media, etc.

This list is regularly cleaned, organized :-)

so we dedicate this post to All our Sources: Thanks

and, yes ”Shoes Up ! is a magazine we are reading/perusing as we speak. Well, it may not be our most constant source of inspiration …

and you won’t see Many Shoes on Our Blogs ? Ok, but, please have a thought for ” Shoes Up!” Today. Please.

+ Reminder: Our Blogs are Citations, Quotations, Compilations – as the Paper.li curator better illustrates.


GG Magazine: Lifestyle – Personalities – Real Estate


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