#Bordeaux -“-In fact, he has his “dry week”, but there are red wine for lunch, Bordeaux, only Bordeaux…”#Melenchon

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France has left German mothers asylum
By Martina Meister, Paris

Jean-Luc Mélenchon protests like and often against almost anything. His enemies are power elites and Germany Photo: AFP
France Politicians Jean-Luc Mélenchon rumbles against the German social model against Merkel. He loves the challenge, whose master he is. But actually he means not us.

The good news is equal in front, so the dreaded French Politicians Jean-Luc Mélenchon could eventually make on this side of the Rhine headlines: “Be,” he dictated the book, “we offer all German raven mothers political asylum Let them all come and. bring their children! “

Mothers Germany, on to France, where it is easier to get professional and family life. The German birth rate is abysmal, in this point, France can really feel superior. But why the few mothers poach from Germany, so put the German model shelved? Mélenchon, which makes him almost sympathetic, does not mean anything serious about what he says. He exaggerates, loves provocation, the overdrawing, he wants to provoke and force the reaction.

In fact, he has his “dry week”, but there are red wine for lunch, Bordeaux, only Bordeaux, because everything else is “only liquid.” These Côte de Boeuf. Mélenchon, founder of the Left Front and the enfant terrible of French politics, has been invited to lunch at his favorite bistro “Les Escaliers”. The stairs means that probably you have to take it literally, it goes up with him, towards utopia.

His “mouth to, Mrs. Merkel” (a Tweet to the German alls-Chancellor) still hangs in the humid air, here comes his next Germany shocker: “The Bismarck herring” is his latest book, “Le hareng de Bismarck” , Subtitle: “German poison”. The Germans should buckle up to read better before. What is it? To German arrogance, German power utilization, German dominance, German expansion spirit. “Germany dominated us,” said Mélenchon.

“Mouth to, Mrs Merkel!”

The French left politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Twitter rushes against the Chancellor. The France had called reforms as insufficient. Mélenchon is not alone in his criticism. Source: The World

To avoid misunderstandings, the first sentence: “This is a pamphlet.” A polemic therefore against the German model, a criticism of the system, aimed at an economic ideology, rather than on something like the German character. Who accuses him of racism cheap, banal Germany-bashing, harvesting only his wordy anger. On more than 200 pages explains Mélenchon that it goes downhill with us. Publication day is 7 May, a day before the holiday, which is noted as large VICTOIRE in French calendars, the victory over Hitler’s Germany Day (Jean-Luc Mélenchon:.. Le hareng de Bismarck Le Poison anglais Plon, Paris) ,

Mélenchon provides a powerful word critique of the German model. He calls it Ordoliberalismus. It refers to the primacy of the economy over politics when economy rules seem natural laws, the pure domination of the financial system: “They dominated the German capitalism thanks to the organized by the SPD deregulation!”

Mélenchon wants to “break up financial capitalism, which is leading the world to disaster,” the power of, and he is confident: “The world order is collapsing”. We try to follow him in his criticism of the system and ask for the country that does not recognize the dictatorship of the market as a natural given state and is now in his world? Is not it! “But it will come soon.” France maybe. We continue to dream at Tiramisu.

Much of what Mélenchon writes is interesting, some brushed the French image of Germany against the grain, more than some can annoy downright. A chapter is devoted to the militarization of Germany. Anyone who has followed the debate on the Kosovo mission of the German Bundestag, who has a great desire to throw Mélenchon’s diatribe at the latest at this point against the wall. “Germanischer expansionism”? Yes, says Mélenchon. “The whole of German history is based on the will of Germany, Central and Eastern Europe to control.” Somehow we must have missed something there.

In “Bismarck herring” culminates Mélenchon mockery

For ten years, told Mélenchon, he is interested in closer for Germany and its history. “The Bismarck herring” is the sum of this dispute. Although he is a political activist, the philosopher breaks at this point by him. In France applies the thought of the Enlightenment, in Germany, it had never been enforced. “The French have only one home. It is the Republic” And Germany? That his people, the “tribe” whose program comes along with blood and soil.

Certainly, the French Revolution there has never been in Germany. Both countries have a strong history completely different. But Germany therefore be reduced to a capitalist war machine? Pas d’accord. We are caricatured. “Right,” replies Mélenchon, which is intention. In truth, his book is aimed not at yes or against Germany, he confesses. It is a warning to the French elite that follows Merkel and Germany carries on to the model. With “Bismarck herring” He attacks the “incredible French naivety” which “bears mentality of the Paris elite.”

What do we do with Greece? The debt relief. “Why should not the Greeks pay their debts and the Germans?” He had just “in a very banal way left”. “Do not write nonsense,” he calls to say goodbye. “No, Monsieur, do not we, just as we quote you!” He laughs. Handshake. And a salute to Oscar. Lafontaine? Is hereby directed.



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