#Monocle Monocle is a global briefing covering international af… + Luxury Aficionados: Nos Blogs et Nos Sources — Des Blogs et des Sources.

Such a Trip = Voyage (Un si Long )


SOURCES: Newspapers, Magazines, Media, Websites et al.

( This is Our New List of Media, updated Fall/Winter 2012-2013)

Nous ajoutons:  “Monocle ” 🙂 


Monocle is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design.


Hajime Asaoka: Couturier of Time

Deep in the heart of Tokyo, a legend arises. Enchanting in presence, otherworldly in design, yet an organ of calibration living, breathing and bleeding the dimensions of the human imagination.

Perhaps the reason why this rare paragon of Horology exists relates to the fact that we cannot find it in Switzerland, France or Germany, and its curator is a man of few words and humble spirits. Hajime Asaoka reportedly spends his day arriving to his workshop in his home basement downstairs around 3pm, and agilely gives birth to some of the most enviable watches the world has ever seen. Hajime may stop working anytime between midnight to…

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