#Blogs — Some changes in 2014 –RVW and our Blogs …(suivi sur ces Blogs cet automne)

Reminder: All of Our Blogs are compilations, citations; hence, you will find very little I myself write (10% -Not. Not even 1%; we may reproduce some article in its entirety, once in a while; but, soon enough, you will find the link only …

We are going to be on the trails this summer and …We shall be present  on the networks too … altho — with summer schedules !

Stay tuned



(will be updated)

Une Tasse de Café in Paris

The Language Coop on paper li:


Le Journal du Pauvre


Le Syndrome d’Avatar


4.74 (Job ads, only Jobs –few of them: we are not an agency; this is a pro bono service)http://jlwadier.wordpress.com/

Gerthur Kristny –(Trying to Understand Life, Poetry and Gerthur Kristny)

( certains Blogs ne sont plus trop actifs … /Some of Those Blogs are not too active lately …)

et al.

and of course go to :

Such a long Trip /” Un si long Voyage “




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