Breaking News: #Translation #Nutella– Thank you, Thank you: ” Nutella ne veut pas changer de recette …”

Breaking News –c’était en … 2012



Thank you, Thank you: ”  Nutella ne veut pas changer de recette …”

PARIS (Reuters) – Ferrero n’entend pas modifier pas la recette du Nutella même si le parlement français vote un amendement multipliant par quatre la taxe sur l’huile de palme, qui entre dans la composition de la célèbre pâte à tartiner, a déclaré le directeur général pour la France du groupe italien.

Cité samedi dans Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, Frédéric Thil déplore que des parlementaires veuillent s’attaquer “à un produit fabriqué en France depuis cinquante ans, qui est l’un des préférés des Français”.

“Les répercussions sont catastrophiques alors que les arguments sont injustes”, dit-il. Pour autant, “même si cette taxe est votée, nous n’allons pas modifier notre recette”, assure Frédéric Thil.


The Nutella Tax or Another Great Idea for a Kelly (N) Article (or Book)… isn’t it Nuts ?

[ Not that she needs any, naturellement ]

I am really shocked

I was expecting an article (Maybe a  book) by Ms. Kelly *

on the Nutella Tax **

Nope.  No ” Found  In Nutella [ “Caught with my Hand in the Nutella Jar”] … or “Five Lessons From the Nutella Jar (or:  ” Tax ” — as Luck would have it”)

I guess she is still digesting her BigMac or McDo Article in that case

But, please, please tell us what we translators can learn from the Nutella Fiasco …

I can’t wait, well I am a Nutella Fan, of course: who isn’t …

*Ms Kelly spends her time re-tweeting Ms Kelly’s Tweets, Tweets about Ms Kelly, Posts about Ms Kelly and articles and posts about Ms. Kelly: She has been known writing articles about the big Mac, McDo, IKEA (not that this has anything to with Tr) so Nutella should  be right down her alley.  She praises McDo’s successes and can be seen occasionally eating at Whole Foods. She also belongs to the CSA club and ATA clique, inter alia.

Jean Wadier is a Translator and Writer, Curator of the Language Coop Daily who stands against Wars and for Peace and Democracy Now! he is working on a Book in response to Nataly Kelly’s pamphlet w/ the provisional Title        

” You cannot Have your BigMac and Eat it too.                                                               Response to Ms Kelly’s Opus ; Against the McDonald-isation of Our Culture.”



The French Are Freaking Out About A New Tax On Nutella

Rob Wile | Nov. 8, 2012, 10:26 AM | 1,799 | 4
Nutella, chocolate, eating

Flickr / Helga Weber

France’s Senate has approved a bill that would increase taxes on palm oil by 300 percent, according to FranceTVInfo.

They’re calling it the “Nutella amendment.” Nutella is more than a quarter palm oil.

The tax is designed to force agricultural producers to substitute that oil, which is quite fatty and whose production harms the environment, with something healthier.

But perhaps needless to say, the bill has not gone over well among the French.

In a blog post on Le Monde entitled “Get Your Hands Off My Nutella!”, correspondent Hélène Bekmezian says she also sees a ticky-tacky attempt at budget reduction at work — the Senate also raised taxes on beer, tobacco and energy drinks.

“Lacking the power — or the will — to enact comprehensive structural reforms of the social security regime, the majority government is instead scrounging around the back of the drawer for change to plug the budget hole,” she writes.

In fact, the president of te social affairs commission was herself against the measure, Bekmezian says. “We’re taxing the working class,” she quotes Communist senator Annie David as saying. “If palm oil is dangerous, then we should be banning it, not taxing it.”

Industry groups have also decried the measure. “We’re not the solution to the country’s economic problems,” said Jean-René Buisson, president of the National Association of Agricultural Industries.

French have also taken to Twitter to decry the measure. “This is the end of the world” Tweeted @Lily2Pretty, while @MisterRemy said “Tax anything else, ok, but not Nutella!!!,”

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